Simond Private School

Simond Private School is about family

Our private school is a place where relationships are formed and nurtured. Relationships between community and school, between staff and parents and among learners. The most important relationship, however, is the one with our Creator.

Our private school is a tranquil space where education takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Strong social bonds develop within these small groups. Classes have 15 – 20 learners on average in a dual-medium (Afrikaans/English) system. While we endeavor to excel in academics, on the field of play and in culture, we do prefer to be weighed by the character engendered within our learners.

At Simond Private School we believe a strong partnership between the home and the school forms the foundation of an excellent education. Christian families may rest assured that what is taught at our school synchronises with what is taught at home.

​We are extremely blessed to have quality educators enthused with passion for Christ and children.

​Simond Private School – a very special place indeed!

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