Simond Private School

We are an independent Christian Private School in the heart of the Paarl valley with a rich history and tradition in education. 

At Simond Private School we strive to inspire learners to become leaders of influence within society. Our primary school is an IEB-PSI member. We are an Independent Examinations Board private school offering IEB exams. Our aim at Simond Private School is to unlock our children’s God-given abilities by providing them with a wide range of activities, events and opportunities with which they are able to find their strengths and also to develop them optimally.

​Our aim is wide-ranging development which includes – academic (mind), physical (body), values (heart) and spiritual (soul). We are mindful of the necessity to instill correct attitudes in our learners. Our aim is to produce well balanced individuals with skill sets that include durability, enthusiasm, fortitude, initiative and self-mastery.

Simond Private School guarantees your child will not just be a number, your child will be known by name!

Our Core Values

Simond Private School exists to apply Christian values in the quest for academic excellence.

  • The Centrality of Christ

  • The Authority of the Bible

  • Christ-likeness

  • Stewardship

  • Maximising Individual Potential


A school that equips our children with knowledge on how to serve our Lord and leads children to Christ. We love the small classes, the love our children receive by effective and caring teachers.

Ludek family, Parents

Coming to Simond was like falling into a cloud in Heaven. Small intimate classes allow for for one on one tutoring from passionate and dedicated educators. My child has only thrived in this safe and beautiful Christian environment that feels like a home away from home.

Lynn Giles, Parent

It has been an immense pleasure to be part of the Simond family since 2014.We are so proud to see the school grow from only 86 pupils to the addition of grade 8,9 and 10.The dedication and focus of the teachers are clear in the progress my kids make during each new term and grade. The growth of my childrens christian values as well as discipline is clearly visible and something the school enforces daily. The learners of Simond is well behaved and academically motivated-a testament of the ethics,values and discipline always implemented.

Anita Robinson, Parent

Ek voel tuis by Simond

Charl Loubser (Gr 9)

The way the school is based around the centrality of Christ is comforting to me

Aschroweetah Shah (Gr 9)

We are a diverse group of learners

Levi Rechner (Gr 8)

Ons is die afgelope 8 jaar deel van Simond Familie. Om te sien hoe ons kinders ontwikkel in alle areas is “priceless”. Dit was een van die beste besluite wat ons gemaak het.

Elizna Ferreira, Parent

Amazing Christian school

Anton Kustner

Ek hou baie van die skool, want ons kan oor die Here leer. Die skool is lekker, want ons het goeie maats om mee te speel. Die skool is ook lekker klein, so dan kan ek nie verlore raak nie.

Chanel (Gr 5)

This school is awesome because it is a small school and everybody knows everyone. Nobody gets bullied and everyone can join in all games and events. Getting onto events, they are very fun. We have: movie nights, fun days, fashion shows and cake sales. The teachers will become your friends and we have the best English teacher, Mr Ruaan.

Gabi (Gr 5)





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